Single delegate means that you register as an individual. Delegation means that you register as a group (consisting of 5, 8, or 10 delegates) while still joining the competition as an individual. Observer means that you register but don't represent a country, thus not having the functions of a regular delegate.

In JMUN 2021, you register based on your nationality. So if your nationality is Indonesian, then you should register as a national delegate (no matter where you currently live in). This works the other way.

After you submit your Proof of Payment through the google forms, the committee will have to review your payment within 2-3 working days. All you have to do then is wait for the confirmation email.

JMUN 2021 allocates the country & council based on the delegate's preference, experience, and slot availability. Hence, you'll need to wait approximately 2-3 weeks after payment to get the allocation.

No. Since the conference will be held online, all you have to pay for is the registration fee.

Yes, you can! Feel free to notify our Delegate Relations team through email ( if you wish to request such documents.

Of course! you can choose your preferred country and council while registering, but be aware that you need to complete your payment fast enough so you'll be prioritized for your preferences

All delegates will receive a certificate of participation. Certain certificates such as Best Delegate, Most Outstanding Delegate, and Honorable Mention are given to chosen delegates who have proven their merit during the course of the conference.